Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Funky Orchid Planter-Round 2

Since my orchid "funnel experiment" bombed awhile back, the poor orchid test subject has been waiting for a new home.
So I'm soaking some orchid media in distilled water...
...and I selected this enamelware thingy as a planter. I like the holes for drainage, and it will display nicely (any excuse to use my collectibles and justify my habit :)
There! This orchid piece looked more viable than the other one, although when it regrows leaves I'll have to adjust it somewhat.
This portion looked a tad far gone to me, so into the worm bin it goes.
I'll hang it an an angle so it can get the brighter morning light, and be protected from the more intense afternoon light...I hope it grows!
I got to looking at my other orchids, and this mounted Maxillaria Tenuifolia looks like it could use more media around the roots.
Soaked the moss in distilled water for 30 minutes or so...
...and used some fishing line to add it to the moss already present.
There! Now I feel better...
...lets hope the orchid does too.
Winter brings dry air, so I add a humidifier...
...it helps me breathe easier and provides my orchids with the moist air they love. I hope they will love me back with some blooms!


Anonymous said...

I have some orchid kikis I need to repot, but I really don't want to pay money for a few scraps of moss. Man, I am cheap!

Garden Broad said...

I can dig that-I almost bought moss at the Dollar Tree but was concerned that it may not be clean enough for orchids.