Sunday, October 21, 2012

Houseplants Update

My tiny tolumnia is blooming beautifully... many pretty flowers....
...on such a teeny orchid.
I relocated the lithops so they're all as close to the window as possible...
...and finally got all three of my new Christmas cacti planted up.
They say stolen plants grow best, so I hope this nice vine that I "acquired" will follow the logic.
I'd acquired a couple more recently, and they are rooting well in this cup of water... all the "contraban" can keep each other company.
Back on September first, I was at my wit's end trying to keep my Orchid Cactus (Epiphyte) 'Raspberry Ribbons' alive, so I put a piece in this yogurt container and set it in with my carnivorous plants to see if bog-like conditions would help.
Turns out it did!
The mother plant was placed into this moisture-wicking african violet pot. While not thriving, it's still alive so for now I'll go with it. May as well try two different methods and see what happens. The reasoning behind trying some altenative growing conditions is to try and keep plants alive that I've routinely murdered in the past. Regardless of conventional cultivation wisdom, I have to find out what works for me-in my "got busy-musta forgot-oh crap I spaced watering and now it's dead" lifestyle. Needless to say, these methods may not work for you. And if I lived in an area with higher ambient humidity they may not work for me, either. But I gotta deal with here and now, such as it is.
So happens that my african violet is quite pleased with here-now, and is blooming again.
The funnel orchid project has flamed out already, it began the other day when I suddenly smelled mold in my plant room...
 ....there it is. I kinda suspected this may happen when I made my orchid media "parfait" layers. Not enough air gap for sure, I should have used larger chunks of media with no moss.
 This poor orchid will hang out here until I come up with plan B....
...I hope it survives long enough!


Anonymous said...

Wow, those little orchids are so cool!!
But my burning question is this - In the pic with the cacti in it, Is that a new mutant species of cacti that's just happy to see you?!? ;) or perhaps a teapot with googly eyes? A rooster that's well endowed? Whatever it is, it deserves a post all of it's own... ;)

Garden Broad said...

Heh, it took me a minute to figure out which cactus you meant :) I think it's a really happy cactus, but if it crows I'm calling the local news! :-P