Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Addition to Worm Towers

When we last visited the worm condo, it was November of 2012 and I was just setting up. I've added another story since then, and now it's time to add a third level. As you can see here, the worms have been busy and there are scraps in various stages of consumption.
Worms are happily exploring on the lid as well. In my experience it's normal to have some wanderers like this, but not normal if you have a mass exodus from the bin with worms on the floor around the outside. Luckily they are still happy in here ~ ~ ~

First I added some coir (coconut husk) to reduce moisture. This may look dry now, but that won't last. I find it easier to have a wet bin than a dry one.

Then I set the next "floor" of the condo right on top of the coir.

Here's a "winter slaw" that I made with no dressing added that has gone past prime flavor, perfect for the worms...

...added a bag of spinach on top (I thought it was too old but it still looked edible-too late for me now :)

Topped it all with more coir...

...then found some old muskmelon that needed a home...

...topped with more coir to keep the gnats away...

...there! We have a three-story worm condo, filled with happy tenants.

I've found it very liberating to buy as much produce as I want with no concern for how fast I get it eaten-I have these guys to pick up my slack! They win, my plants win, I win! ~ ~ ~

Saturday, April 13, 2013

First Cactus Watering of the Year

At the end of March I began watering my cacti again, as it is the start of their growing season. From about October to March I give them zero water, and now begins a monthly watering schedule (since I'm not putting them outside for the summer.)

They all look pretty good...

...although new growth is kinda thin and gangly due to filtered light exposure. I have no choice unless I put up lights, we'll see how this works awhile longer.

These lithops are still a tad leggy-looking, but no worse since I moved them closer to the window.

Their neighbors look even better, with a couple in the pink pot showing some spring "fruiting-body" growth.

The only casualty is this poor thing-it responded like this only days after the watering. Rats.

Well whatever caused this, I sure hope the carnage stops here!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Orchid Bloom Spike

The bloom spike on my orchid Phalaenopsis 'Happy Girl' is not only getting larger, it's branching!

Looks like an ominous "claw" in silouette...

...but a budding beauty up close.

The spike has three branches thus far, which hopefully means lots of flowers are on the way...

...especially if the old green spike starts budding too!

If only the process weren't so slow (not that I'm complaining :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Indoor Tomato Update

My indoor tomato pollination has yielded two tomato fruits so far!
No blush of red ripening just yet, though....

....stay tuned.....