Saturday, January 26, 2013

Exciting Orchid Happenings!

My largest orchid, Phalaenopsis 'Happy Girl' is growing well and showing it! I see something here... that a new root or an emerging bloom scape? To be honest I don't make a point of inspecting my orchids a lot, and this helps me maintain rank amateur/bumbling orchidist status. More blooms would be a fantastic first for me, so I'm really hopeful.
Meanwhile the former bloom scape remains green, yet inactive. Huh. Well it doesn't seem to be hurting anything, so I'll leave it alone...
...considering my orchid track record, a minimalist approach to everything seems wise to me! Formerly I had been fertilizing too, but this round of orchids can do without until I see if they can just survive my general maintenance "techniques". My learning curve tends to have some hairpin turns :)


Melody said...

Nice job! Sure looks like a spike to me

Garden Broad said...

Awesome! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey girly, look who got a google acc. :)
I guess I had to do it eventually, eh?
Anyhow, your Happy Girl does indeed look happy!
Have you figured out if it's a spike or a root yet?


Garden Broad said...

Hooray! Welcome! I'm figuring bloom spike, and I just couldn't be happier :)