Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fall Houseplant Recap

Note: This post was from late October, I kinda forgot about it but better late than never :)
 I'm getting some blooms for fall in my indoor "garden"! The small Christmas cacti I'd purchased off Ebay just a few months ago are blooming nicely.
 The passionflower vine is growing well, but needs to be cut back.
 There! This will help the vine become more sturdy, and keep it on the trellis rather than all over the room.
Signs of life from a formely failing Christmas cactus (I'm not one to give up on my dying plants until they're brown and crispy.)

My big angel trumpet (Brugmansia) is rebounding after being cut back....
...but this inch plant needs attention now. Too ratty with lots of dead stuff.
There! Looks sparse, but it will come back much fuller and healthier (hopefully.)
Top-dressed my "Snake Plant", Sansevieria trifasciata with some cactus mix, and watered it well. My mom calls this plant "mother in-law's tongue", there are many different varieties including some with really rounded/tubular leaves. I'd like to collect more eventually.
I got this cool old glass dentist's chair tray off Ebay, and I know just what to do with it....
...looks like it will hold some water....
...just enough for my carnivorous plant collection. The color will reflect back some light also.
Little glass koi looks right at home!
This pitcher plant is growing well, but getting kind of gangly. I can let it go like this, or cut it back for a bushier form.
Although it makes me nervous, I decided to cut it back. Hopefully it responds well.
What a mob!
Perhaps I've gotten rather carried away collecting houseplants....


Blackswamp_Girl said...

I wouldn't be too nervous about your pitcher plant--I cut our nepenthes back very hard last year, and it was as full and lush as ever this summer! :-)

By the way, I LOVE that old glass tray. I think I need to find myself something like that. Beautiful!

Garden Broad said...

It's a relief to hear about your nepenthes Kim, thanks! The tray was less than $30 on Ebay, I think you need one too :)