Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Blooms

 Spring is finally here! Even though I'm still in an apartment and not gardening outside, I wanted some bulbs to enjoy. So I picked up this hyacinth at Walmart, and boy does it smell great!

While I was there, I gave in to my green urges and bought this nice large palm. Never had one before, so hopefully it will be happy in my houseplant family.

They had this colorful bromeliad too...

...and I couldn't resist a new african violet with these pretty picotee blooms.

Sure hope it's as successful as the violet I've had for years, still happily blooming every couple months or so.

 My carvivorous plants are doing well, and the flytrap is putting up another bloom scape!

                    At the same time a new small 'Poi Dog' nepenthes is growing these showy pitchers.

                                                  Phalaenopsis 'Happy Girl' is still happy....

...even though one of her leaves is turning brown. There's plenty of healthy new growth, but her roots are becoming quite crowded. I ordered a new type of orchid pot and a specialty soil mix, I'll post the repotting when I do it (after the bloom is done).
I'm very happy with my staghorn fern, after a crispy start I finally got the watering procedure down and it's looking very promising.

The passionflower vine is very rambling, I'm hoping to put it outdoors this summer and get some blooms.

 Both vanilla orchids are still alive, and the solid green is looking to be much more vigorous. It's even starting to put air roots into the tree fern pole as I'd hoped it would. I'll try some orchid fertilizer to encourage the variegated to catch up.

 Finally it was time to begin watering the cacti again last month, and they still look pretty good for living indoors only the past 3 years. This summer they need to go out, so I'm gonna try to secure my porch and get a shelf that protects them from the elements but allows the sunshine in. If nobody vandalizes or steals them, it will be a real boost for them to get some direct sun.

If they die or disappear, then it'll be time to go shopping for more plants. Kinda win/win, I say :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cold Enough For Ya'?

Yes, it is. Thanks for asking and commenting on the temps-Every. Single. Day. Fact is, people blathering on about the cold is the only thing I'm truly tired of. What I never tire of is thinking and talking about plants and gardening. So the next time some idiot insists on discussing the weather...
...I'm gonna tell them "My orchids are doing great, thank you!" The vanillas are still alive, and that is great to me.

                                               New growth at the bottom of the green...

...and it's growing longer at the end, too.

                                              Variegated isn't demonstrating any new growth yet....

...but there's not a lot of new death, either. Small victories are still wins, right?

I'm pleased with the staghorn too, it's got some new growth as well.

Pothos here needed a trim...

                                                         ...and now there are three!

                                             The cuttings generally root quite well in water.

                               Last week 'Happy Girl' Phalaenopsis had swollen bloom buds...

                                                  ...and knobby knees forming on her roots.

                                                      This week two blooms are open.

                                                                     So pretty!

                             She's bloomed faithfully every year since I bought her, and I'm certainly not tired of seeing these beautiful blooms yet! I saw more phals at Walmart the other day, and based on results I may need to purchase another. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Worm Bin Tower is Growing

Worm Towers is adding another level! I have three more trays to add before I'll have to empty the bottom tray of castings and start over. Several worms on the lid...

 ...including hatching eggs and babies! Cool!
I let this tray get a tad over-filled, oh well...

...I'll just add the new tray right atop the contents.

Put some dry shredded paper in the new tray. Seems very dry for now...

...but this watermelon rind will bring the wormies right through the mesh to this level-they LOVE melon!

More shredded paper atop the melon, it really gets moistened quickly by the worm activity.

There! Kinda wonky for now....

 ...ideally the levels would be a little more even. Luckily there are no building codes for Worm Towers...

...and as it gets taller I'm hoping it won't matter. I'm not sure how much the levels weigh or how strong the legs are, but I guess I'll find out. Luckily my tenants don't have any wormy litigators if there are housing issues  :)