Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gardening Lull

A cold, late spring + frequent travel + working 30 days in a row = gardening meh. Here's my outdoor progress thus far...

...not just weeds in my hanging baskets from last year though, there's a couple volunteer flowering tobacco that came up. Doubt they'll have time to flower, though.
This bag of peat moss was supposed to go into some trough planters and planted with various annual and veggie seeds....ah well. Maybe next year.

Indoors things are looking much better! My phal 'Happy Girl' is blooming very happily....

...the last indoor tomato is ripening, very late considering its neighbors ripened mid-May. Weird.

The plant looks kinda sad, I may give it a pruning and "summer camp" outdoors (after I eat the tomato, of course :)

My new mystery cutting that was a gift from a friend is growing pretty well. I'm glad since it had all of an inch of flimsy root with it.

This air plant is very happy-blooming almost constantly....

 ...and this one has sprouted a "pup"! There are some brown tips on the leaves (I think that I was over-watering at first), but overall it seems fine so I'm optimistic.

Tha cacti look decent overall, just a tad spindly from filtered light. They prefer direct sun, but you can't always get what you want.

Back to life then. Meh. I need to visit a botanical garden or something to try and get my garden mojo rejuvenated (or win the lottery and garden full time...either way  :)