Saturday, August 29, 2015

Late Summer Blooms

 My bloom scape on the keiki is looking great!
Plus I still have what appears to be a growing baby plant as well, I'm anxious to see what happens.
I had a weak moment at Home Depot and got this jasmine for $1.98-it still has some sweet-smelling blooms on it.

They had perennials on sale too, so I got three perennials and a pretty red bougainvilea vine.

This was covered with bees at Home Depot, I'm surprised none of them followed me home.

Pretty echinacea, I selected a plant with mostly buds to prolong the show.
LOVE the bloom color on the vine, too bad it has no fragrance.

The blooms are even pretty before they open.
This palm is showing some growth and looking somewhat less ratty, but I'm pretty sure it will be treated as an annual and left out to succumb to frost. These never stay nice looking for me anyhow.

My new big brugmansia is looking super nice! I'm planning to repot it before it comes in for the winter.

The fuschia is blooming like crazy, too. It seems to me that they've done something to these plants to keep them blooming without dead-heading. I have given this Miracle Grow a couple times, but I've never had a fuschia bloom non-stop like this!

                             Here's hoping for a nice mild autumn, I want the show to keep going!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful orchid! How cool to have such excellent success from an experiment! Next thing we know, you'll be breeding! :)
The brug looks picture perfect! Think you'll get any blooms before frost? Your fuchsia is VERY happy! Love those things.
Good buy on the big box store plants! I've been finding some sweet sales too! Plants are piling up for fall planting. :)
The butterflies will be visiting your echinacea I bet. It thrives here in our heat, but blooms best in the fall, where it puts on quite the show.
Bouganvillia is one of my favorites too. Love the blooms, and yes, too bad they have no scent. And I don't love the thorns. Too bad it's not hardy. Is that white Jasmine Confederate Jasmine? It doesn't thrive here, but the Carorlina Jasmine does really well for us, and thanks to you reminding me of it, it will soon be living on my pergola come spring!
Btw, good call letting the palm freeze. You'd be bringing in a whole hoard of spider mites!! When I had the interior scape business, they were they bane of my existence, but sometimes the client insisted on having them. If I had my way, they'd never be sold as an interior plant. It's rare that they thrive anywhere other than a solarium or in a tropical climate. Hate them. Can you tell? Ha!

Garden Broad said...

Aw thanks, I really enjoy the keiki project. The kit worked as advertised, I want to try it again after I see how this plays out. After all, this mother plant keeps green bloom scapes after flowering, so why not? I just want to keep it one at a time so she doesn't get worn down and die. I'll check the tag on the jasmine, I'm just not sure it specified (being from a box store I'm lucky there was a tag at all :) Can't wait to see your pergola next summer! Lol, I understand your disdain for palms, funny how I couldn't resist trying to grow one again. Failure never seems to deter gardeners, does it? ;-)