Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Outdoor Plants 2015

My big brugmansia died a few months ago, so I got a new one from a dear friend who grew it from a cutting I'd given her off of mine. Kinda bushy and I like them in tree form... I trimmed it back.

Stuck two of the cuttings in water to root...

...and one in the pot where the big brug had died. This pot is outdoors, I was hoping something could grow from the roots of the dead plant. So this stem has lots of room to develop into a new plant.

Some other houseplants on the porch are this ratty looking palm... brug, old brug, and some sapling trees growing in last year's empty pots. Not sure what these trees are, but I may want them so I'll keep them going until I can ID them.

Here's the only annual I bought this year, fuschia perked right up after I watered it.

The two cuttings in water began to rot later, so i cut off the rot to try something else.
Soaked some spagnum moss...

...these white bumps are future root nodes...

...put a drainage disk in this enamel cup...

...then wrapped them up in paper towel with moss. Hopefully they'll root and not rot.

As I was checking on the outdoor cutting I got an amazing surprise-a baby is sprouting from the dead stem of my original brug! Yay!

                            Plus new growth starting on the stem I put in the same pot-hooray!

Baby leaves!

The new plant looks very happy after the cut back too, developing a sturdy, woody stem.

So far I've gone from no brugmansia to five in short order. Always good to have extras, one can never have too many fragrant blooms, IMO.


Anonymous said...

If I had to venture a guess, I'd say that one of your saplings is an elm. But I'm not familiar with trees in your area.
Sorry you lost the top of your ancient brug, but it looks like it's not ready to check out yet!! Fingers crossed that your moss covered ones spout roots too. I've always had the best luck just dipping them in rooting hormone and shoving them into some soil. But mom always rooted hers in water. Oh, and a tip on the fuscia - those thing come completely root bound from the grower. The first thing I do is gently transplant them into a deeper pot. It saves a lot of watering. You can't disturb the root ball though, the blooms will fall off. Been there! Just ease it into deeper soil and it'll help hold the moisture in.

Garden Broad said...

Thank you for the fuschia tip! I'm really jazzed about the brug resurrection, from now on I want to have 3 of them at all times, just in case! :)