Saturday, September 12, 2015

Orchid Mount Project

I'm finally doing something with my poor Tolumnia 'Tequila Sunrise' orchid.

Just one green part left-see all the dead sections? I've been a negligent orchid mommy :(

Poor thing has roots roaming all around the pot.

Oh yea, root-bound to the max!

Spread them all out...

                                      ...lots of room on the mount compared to that tiny pot!

I presumed the roots would take hold of the mount quite well eventually, so I used just one length of wire to affix it to the wood...

...loosely hooked to the back.

I'll lean it here with the other small orchids until it grows solidly onto the board, then I'll hang it up.

Sad to see this old picture from 2012 when I first bought it, so healthy...

...and blooming!

Sure hope I get to see those again one day, I wonder if abused orchids respond to "new mount therapy"? Here's hoping!


Anonymous said...

I can hear it's sigh of relief from here. :)

Garden Broad said...

Lol, you and me both! Stretching out more every day :)