Saturday, October 12, 2013

Worm Bins Update

I haven't blogged about the worm bins in awhile, but they're still going strong. In fact, the tower bin is almost ready to add another level.

Still plenty of activity on the lid, but no sign of a mass exodus-the worms are happy.

I added some cellulose packing peanuts, which are made from natural plant cellulose and dissolve in water. Normally I would put these in the composter outdoors, but I don't have regular access to it right now.
            Topped with shredded paper, so the worms can keep my documents really secure  :)

Topped the paper with some celery scraps. This may look dry, but in 8 years of worm wrangling I've rarely needed to add any water or mist a bin. The worm activity keeps the bin moisture plenty damp automatically-easy peasy!

Here's the original homemade bin, getting very full but functioning very well all the same.

 No worms on the lid. As this bin has become more full I notice fewer wanderers.
First with the cellulose peanuts...
...then the shredded paper...
...then the celery.

I really need to empty this bottom bin of the worm castings, then place it on the top bin to start the worms migrating upward and begin the casting harvest process over again. But I really want to get down to one bin, so I'll look for a new home for this big one. Any takers?


Anonymous said...

So many miles between us... Sigh.

Garden Broad said...

Yea, that would be one helluva trip for some worms! ;-)