Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vanilla Orchid Mounts

I recently placed an order online and got these two vanilla orchids along with some accessories...
...I was delighted to get the green as well as the variegated at the same time.

I read that they like a lot of humidity, so I mist them daily until I get them mounted.

For the mounts I purchased two 30" tree fern totems from two different online sources. One came in a plastic bag, padded well and within a box, and the other was bare with cardboard wrapped around it to form a "box". I really appreciate the bag and box, though their shipping cost was $7 more. Definately worth it, IMO.

They are both very similar in size and quality, athough the bagged specimen is thicker.

I picked the sturdiest, most compressed-looking end of each to put the hanging wire through...

...then soaked the other ends in distilled water for a half hour or so.

I got these handy metal over-door hooks at the Dollar Tree, I really love that place! (My red hanging wire was from there as well, they had several colors to choose from.)

There! I used fishing line to attach the mossy roots to the totem, and eventually these orchids will become total epiphytes,  attached nicely by air roots along the stems. I'll leave them horizontal awhile until the process starts, I don't want to risk damage to the stems by tying them down. Like the famous ant, I have high hopes that these orchids will climb all the way up these 30" totems, then someday I want to have a large wooden frame hanging horizontaly over my bathtub and covered with orchids and staghorn ferns..... do a take on this design from the actress Julie Newmar's bathroom. So tranquil and inviting!

                                       Plant life everywhere isn't just a hobby, it's my mission!


marie lewis said...

looks like a great project ,but the orchards alone would keep me from trying it-

Garden Broad said...

Thanks Marie! I've found that once you murder a few orchids it's less scary to try and keep them alive (as long as you keep the costs reasonable :)

Kim Mattingly said...

These look great! Don't be surprised if you get your wish - that orchid may cover the tree fern quicker than you think. I rooted a piece of the (non-variegated) one at the botanical garden this spring, and it already has a 2nd, 28 inch branch! (Branch sounds weird when talking about

Speaking of which, the cutting that I took was a pruned clipping from a few days earlier (cuttings are volunteer perks, occasionally!) and I wasn't expecting much from it so I have yet to give it something to climb. I was thinking cork just because that's what they use to root it...but I like the look of that tree fern piece. I'm guessing that you purposely didn't name the sources in your post...but if you would email me the name of the place where you ordered the bagged one, I would really appreciate it. :-)

Garden Broad said...

Thanks Kim! I got the bagged post at Tindara Thanks so much for the encouragement! :)

Anonymous said...

That bathroom is my idea of heaven!

Garden Broad said...