Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cactus Action

Something is happening with my cactus! I noticed these tentacle-like sprouts coming out the sides...
...bloom scapes, perhaps? The process hasn't changed in appearance for about two weeks now...I'll keep you posted.

Nearby the other cacti look pretty good, especially after 2 years in sheet-filtered southern exposure.

This lithop looks alright, but rather sad as well (likely due to the shallow nature of this container-I'd read lithops like to form a nice long taproot.) The plan is to grab a nice small sedum or two to put here, then pair this lithop with a cactus in a tall pot. At least it's not failing yet.
These are happily forming fruiting bodies...

...even in this fairly shallow pot.

The taller cacti are definately kind of gangly from the lack of direct sun...

...but overall things are fine in the cactus portion of my indoor jungle.

Only exception is this aloe here. I find aloes kinda tricky in general, although agave respond great for me. I have no idea why, but I'll murder the weaklings until I get it right.

 This cactus looks the most un-like it normally would with direct sun, but it seems healthy enough. I've been a reformed cactus-rotter for several years now, so live cacti in general feels like a victory to me.

Much as I miss good outdoor growing space, I am still a real gardener-albeit on a different scale. Gotta take what you can get sometimes...lemonade...all that crap  :)


Anonymous said...

They all look suprisingly healthy considering the light situation!! You're doing great at keeping them alive until they can get better light.
I have no idea what the tentacles are, though! Never seen that before. What ever happened with them?

Garden Broad said...

Thank you! Gosh, if YOU don't know what the tentacles are then I'm really stumped! I checked them about an hour ago-they still look the same...weird. I'll keep you "posted" (hahahahaha...get it? :)