Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Insistence of Life

Look what I found growing from a crack in the pavement next to a garage in my apartment parking lot! A tomato plant with fruit!

I was walking by and tend to notice weeds, bugs, and pretty much anything but the other humans around me. When I spotted this, it just blew my mind.
Has anyone else ever seen anything like this before?

I never thought of a vegetable (okay, tomato is fruit) as a spontaneous, wild weed...but here it is. So insistent on growing and producing that it's nearly un-stoppable. If we could get more healthy food growing from sidewalk cracks everywhere, just think of the effect on our diets. (I did not try a tomato from this plant though, just in case some person or their dog peed on it at some point. Guess that's the caveat, eh?)


Anonymous said...

The birds like those little cherry tomatoes and we find them popping up all over around here. But I have never seen one growing through the cracks in concrete, although I did hear tell of it somewhere else. Tough little plants. Reverting back into their wild state. :)

Garden Broad said...

I never really considered that birds would spread tomato seeds, though I used to get lots of chipmunks eating my cherry tomatoes-maybe a squirrel "planted" this one?