Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring Fever

Despite the fact that I should wait until after Mother's Day I decided to get my annuals going early. Here's the porch before...

...and this is after (not much different yet, but when the vines get going it will be.)

The basket above already had a nice mix of flowers, but I added an ivy for more contrast.

I only bought one lavender, and I get itchy when there isn't symmetry in my planters so I made it a tabletop stand-alone.

This planter has a nice geranium, white pansy, pink daisy, and this great-smelling dianthus...'s the label-it smells like cloves!

Above is this clematis 'Carnaby' and a bunch of red pansies to hopefully keep the clematis roots cool.

The other planter has a contrasting geranium, the white pansy, pink daisy and more clove-scented pinks.

These geraniums are fancier than the usual ones that I buy, I hope they rebloom enthusiastically all summer.

The rest of the planters are for seeds (as well as dollar-store solar lights for fun). This one has moonflower vine, peas, cherry tomato, pole beans, and mini cukes.

The other planter with the light has blue morning glory, along with the aforementioned peas, a different cherry tomato, pole beans, and mini cukes.

One "extra" planter kinda messed up my quest for symmetry, but I had room so what the hey. It has sage, fennel, salvia, fennel and sage. I'm excited to see if this stuff grows!

This is my first try at really planting up my porch, we'll see how it holds up to local creatures (including bored school children) Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!! I bet it turns out beautifully! They're all good choices for patio plants. Can't wait to see how they progress.


Garden Broad said...

Thank you! I'll be more diligent about posting progress, too :)