Saturday, April 13, 2013

First Cactus Watering of the Year

At the end of March I began watering my cacti again, as it is the start of their growing season. From about October to March I give them zero water, and now begins a monthly watering schedule (since I'm not putting them outside for the summer.)

They all look pretty good...

...although new growth is kinda thin and gangly due to filtered light exposure. I have no choice unless I put up lights, we'll see how this works awhile longer.

These lithops are still a tad leggy-looking, but no worse since I moved them closer to the window.

Their neighbors look even better, with a couple in the pink pot showing some spring "fruiting-body" growth.

The only casualty is this poor thing-it responded like this only days after the watering. Rats.

Well whatever caused this, I sure hope the carnage stops here!


Anonymous said...

Like I said before, there was more than likely something going on with the rotted cactus before you watered it. Cactus are sneaky that way.
The rest look surprisely good, considering the lack of light!
Good job, Grasshopper! ;)

Garden Broad said...

Aw thanks! I felt so bad, it just wilted overnight.