Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cold Enough For Ya'?

Yes, it is. Thanks for asking and commenting on the temps-Every. Single. Day. Fact is, people blathering on about the cold is the only thing I'm truly tired of. What I never tire of is thinking and talking about plants and gardening. So the next time some idiot insists on discussing the weather...
...I'm gonna tell them "My orchids are doing great, thank you!" The vanillas are still alive, and that is great to me.

                                               New growth at the bottom of the green...

...and it's growing longer at the end, too.

                                              Variegated isn't demonstrating any new growth yet....

...but there's not a lot of new death, either. Small victories are still wins, right?

I'm pleased with the staghorn too, it's got some new growth as well.

Pothos here needed a trim...

                                                         ...and now there are three!

                                             The cuttings generally root quite well in water.

                               Last week 'Happy Girl' Phalaenopsis had swollen bloom buds...

                                                  ...and knobby knees forming on her roots.

                                                      This week two blooms are open.

                                                                     So pretty!

                             She's bloomed faithfully every year since I bought her, and I'm certainly not tired of seeing these beautiful blooms yet! I saw more phals at Walmart the other day, and based on results I may need to purchase another. I'll keep you posted.