Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Winter Houseplants

Well it's Christmas, but I don't think my plants know the difference. This cactus is still sporting it's odd "tentacles", unchanged for months. I still don't know what they're about.

The air plants are doing pretty well...

...a couple brown tips, but still alive....

...the best looking one is in here, blooming three times since I got it.

This plant is doing very well since its' rough beginning with just one puny root on the start I was given. I hope it gets big like the plant it came from, it's such an attractive foliage specimen. I don't know exactly what it's called, I'll research it and update when I can.

The christmas cacti have been growing well, but blooming is another story. This white has a fading bloom and more buds...

 ...and the red has buds too. The third plant had no flower buds at all....

...and the buds just dried up and fell off of the red with no blooms opening. I'm not sure if the problem was over or under watering on my part or what, but I need to figure it out so I can enjoy the blooms next year. Flowers this time of year are real mood-improvers for me.

                                 At least the plants are growing well, blooms or no blooms.

This little hunk of ZZ plant is still green too, I'm hoping to pot it up by itself after I see some growth.

 My group of carnivorous plants are mostly happy, although two of the nepenthes are kind of sad-looking. Time for a change.... I put them in this little greenhouse to try and maintain more humidity. I hope it helps!

Lid on for now, I'll set it a tad sideways later so gnats can come in and feed them.

Lots of wandering from my passionflower vine but no blooms. The plant may not be mature enough to bloom yet (just as likely the season is off, too). The greenery is good to see, anyhow.

Houseplants sure make the winter brighter while I daydream of summer flowers and tasty veggies.
Just a couple more months and the seed catalogs will start arriving...not soon enough for me!


Anonymous said...

I don't know what those tendrils are about either! That's a new one on me. Sun deprivation, maybe?
Your tilly's look good! I bought special tilly food for mine and they are loving it!


Garden Broad said...

Yea, those tendrils are a mystery. They're still there, months later! What's the name of that tilly fertilizer?

Anonymous said...

It's Hinterland Trading's brand. Same place I buy my tillies.

Air Plant Tillandsia Food

Just go to their site. It's easy to find. And not too expensive. I saw a difference immediately. I soaked them first in rain water for a few hours, then laid them out on paper towels and sprayed them. My tillies are happy campers!

Garden Broad said...

Awesome, thanks!