Friday, September 13, 2013

Carnivorous Air Plants (Carn-nado!)

Okay, this post is about carnivorous and air plants. Just couldn't help but sensationalize a little.
It's all the rage these days.
Lately my carnivorous plants are raging as well-another blooming sundew!
                                                                So delicate and pretty!

The big nepenthes has really taken off this summer...

...with some fairly large pitchers despite being indoors all season. They were definately bigger when the plant summered in the screen house in years past, but I'm very pleased that it doesn't find these growing conditions to be miserable or anything.

                                                           Looks plenty content to me.

This whole carnivorous group is really thriving in the vintage dental tray. So much that I bought another tray for more plants, just in case (it was a good buy and at this collection rate I want to be prepared :)

The air plants are still alive, but not all look super happy....

                                                            ...this one is doing the best so far...

...with this a close second. They are the trail-blazers that get to suffer my inexperience, so alive works for me at this point.

Perhaps not a horticultural sensation, but there's greenery in my life and that's thrilling to me.
                                                      Yes I do need to get out more.


Anonymous said...

Man, you have got the cultivation of carnivorous plants down!! I'm am so envious of your beautifully healthy plants!
When I get my sh*t together, I would love for you to tutor me in the care of carnivorous plants. I'm so used to desert plants, there may be no hope for me, but I'd be happy if I could just grow a pitcher plant. Those things just kill me! I want one so bad. What do you say, Guru, am I worthy of your training? :)

Garden Broad said...

I'd be very happy to help you with carn's! Just say the word! :)