Saturday, March 9, 2013

Winter Tomato Blooms!

Along about February 20th I noticed my tomato plant had blooms! This was surprising to me, especially since the plant is in sheet-filtered southern exposure only (not to mention being winter!)
Nice! I'll take any blooms this time of year.

More than one, as well. I wonder if I can hand-pollinate them and actually get tomatoes?

So I grab a kleenex and give it a shot.

 The plant looked too droopy, so I'm staking it with a nearby support.
Here's hoping for spring tomatoes!


Anonymous said...

I tried this once. Didn't turn out so well for me.
Hope you have better luck (and flavor) then I did!

Garden Broad said...

Ahhh...I never thought about what lack of direct sun might do to the flavor of the fruit. Oh well, I may not get that far anyhow :)