Sunday, April 15, 2012

Other Houseplant News

In other houseplant news, this lovely african violet maintained glorious bloom for over two months.

This nice orchid was an impulse buy at Walmart, and has been well worth the $14 investment!

Plenty of buds yet to bloom, despite a previous bud drop that happened right when I brought it home.

It's a really nice sized plant, I hope this improves the odds for survival. (I'm kind of an orchid serial-killer thus far, but I'm trying to change my ways :)

I want it to stay pretty like this!

Catalogs have been pouring in as well, which makes me wish for some outdoor planting action. This one was a surprise though, apparently Wayside Gardens is back in business!



Anonymous said...

Wow! Very pretty!
African violets and orchid just piss me off... ;>/


Garden Broad said...

Thank you! They both used to piss me off as well, but the special violet pot helped my success with the violet (the orchid is dumb luck :)